About cj

Learning everyday what it means to be staying the journey in a fallen world full of sin and dysfunction. You can check out my Podcast on most platforms cjwillpodcastit (<<<Host) and my YouTube Channel cjwillYouTubeit. i love Yahshua, coffee, sports, and most people. my boys are second only to YHWH my Elohim. i love comments, likes and shares…feel free to do all 3. i have taken my ministry to the streets and it has been the most challenging and rewarding ministry of my lifetime! i have been in ministry for 28 years, serving as Chaplain, Pastor, Youth Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, and Author “Staying the Journey” released December 2019! You can buy your copy at Barns and NobleAmazon or wherever you buy books! i have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the church and yet, i choose to love and serve her anyway. i am not always perfect, or even right, but i know the One who is . . . Yahshua my Adonai.


3 thoughts on “About cj

  1. Your amazing and I got to know you and reading these makes me see how cool you are and so greatful I met you because you wonderful and glad I got to be a part of journey of people you met

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