There are few points in History where we can honestly say our entire eternity hinged on it. The birth of Christ, the garden of Gethsemane, the Cross, the resurrection, Pentecost . . . etc. The list doesn’t end there but i want to focus on Pentecost. The marvelous day in which the promised Holy Spirit landed in the heart of the believer. The promised “helper” the very presence of God in our lives! That is pretty spectacular. And, it is absolutely necessary!

Take Romans 8:2-6 for example:

The power of the Holy Spirit has made me free from the power of sin and death. This power is mine because I belong to Christ Jesus. The Law could not make me free from the power of sin and death. It was weak because it had to work with weak human beings. But God sent His own Son. He came to earth in a body of flesh which could be tempted to sin as we in our bodies can be. He gave Himself to take away sin. By doing that, He took away the power sin had over us. In that way, Jesus did for us what the Law said had to be done. We do not do what our sinful old selves tell us to do anymore. Now we do what the Holy Spirit wants us to do. Those who let their sinful old selves tell them what to do live under that power of their sinful old selves. But those who let the Holy Spirit tell them what to do are under His power. If your sinful old self is the boss over your mind, it leads to death. But if the Holy Spirit is the boss over your mind, it leads to life and peace.” 

Do you see how important it is for us to have the Holy Spirit? It doesn’t stop there we could explore for days upon days the absolute work or the Holy Spirit and still not exhaust it absolutely. He empowers us on in love and good deeds. He is the one in us and through us enabling us to do even greater things! That is a really awesome thought, isn’t it? i hope that you will take time to sit in this passage. The fullness of His work in us, and the contrast of Him not being in our lives. The Spirit vs. the flesh. It is an eternity issue. Let us remember the day of Pentecost in the line of other “Holidays” because it is as important!

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