As we look at putting on Christ we have looked at this passage in Colossians 3:12; “So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline.” We have looked deeply into each of these, most recently “Discipline” on Tuesday Night. Here are a few more thoughts for you to ponder beyond what we talked about and leading into our next Tuesday gathering.

One can not receive discipline without first having respect for someone. For example, the discipline or training i give my boys is only received based on their level of respect for me. The less they respect me, the less they will receive from me in way of discipline or training. The same is true for self-discipline, which is really what is being talked about here in Colossians. If one does not respect themselves than it will naturally be more difficult when it comes to self-discipline. It goes to humility over self-loathing. We are called to be humble and sometimes we take that too far and we consider ourselves nothing. Let me assure you, you are something! Something so great that God thought you worth dying for.

If Jesus, in His great Love, sees you as worthy of His life…you are worth respecting. Begin to walk in that love, when life comes at you and gets you down remind yourself, YOU ARE BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED A CHILD OF THE KING, WORTH DYING FOR! Hold your head up, walk with confidence in who you are in Christ and you will be more open to receiving self-discipline and begin to live in and cultivate a heart of thankfulness which will lead to a deeper respect for what Jesus truly did for you, us on the cross…which will allow us, you, me, individually and collectively, to receive the discipline of the Lord leading to walking in true LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day…

you are LOVED,

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